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What is a Medical Home?

A patient centered medical home is a medical office or clinic where a team of health professionals work together to provide personalized and cordinated medical care that is based on the current best medical evidence. The medical home team members help coordinate all acute, chronic and preventative care regardless of where that care is provided.

Who is the Medical Home Team?

First and foremost is you– the patient- at the center of the team. Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, and others like physical therapists and nutritionists work together to help you get healthy, stay healthy and get the care and services that are right for you.

What will the Medical Home team do?

The team members will get to know you and your life situation so that they can suggest treaments that make sense for you. They will help you understand all of your options for care and help you decide what is best for you. Team members will also make sure that you have a clear idea of how to care for yourself, help you set goals for your care. and provide information about classes, support groups, and other types of services to help you learn more about your health issues.

What can you do?

As a full partner in your care, you can learn about your health issues and do your best to follow the plan that you and your Medical Home team have agreed upon. If you don’t understand something or have questions, ask! If you receive care from other health professionals, be sure to tell your Medical Home team so that they can help coordinate the best care possible. Let the team know about your experince getting care from your Medical Home.

How do I access my Medical Home team?

Appointments and medical advice are available during regular business hours and there is emergency coverage during the off hours via our main telephone number.. The Medical Home team will also help you access care by finding specialists, getting appointments and making sure that specialists have all the information that they need. Additionally they will help ensure that you know what the specialists say and what it means for you.

Regular Office Hours and Phone Numbers:

9:00am to 5:00pm Mondays through Thursdays
9:00am to 4:30pm Fridays

Appointments: Call (978) 577-1946 – Press 2
Prescriptions: Call (978) 577-1946 – Press 4
Referrals: Call (978) 577-1946 – Press 5Billing: Call (978) 577-1946 – Press 6

To Register for the EmersonConnect Patient Portal:

Come into the office and ask to sign up for portal access. The receptionist will take needed information to send you an email with your personal pin # in order for you to register. The portal is NOT to be used for urgent matters.

After registering you can view your chart (not office visits), update your personal information and have access to two way communications with your provider, request for appointments, request medication refills, and request referrals.

Before and After Hours

After Hours: Nights, weekends, & holidays
Tuesdays and Thursdays there are limited appointments after hours for routine and urgent care. Saturdays the office is open in the morning and later depending on patient needs for routine and urgent care.
Many holidays (not the major ones) we are open for part or the whole day.

Before Hours:
We also have limited appointments available before 9:00am for routine and problem visits.

For URGENT MATTERS when the Office is Closed

Call our phone number (978) 577-1946, follow the voice mail prompts to speak to our answering service who will page the on call provider for you. The provider will return your call and has access to your medical record to discuss your healthcare needs.
Please call 911 for all emergencies.