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I need a primary care doctor. How do I become a patient at WIM?

Currently Dr. Truong Huynh is taking new patients.

What are the privacy policies at WIM?

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Insurance information

Click here to see our accepted insurance policies.

What should I know about an insurance referral?

To find out more about insurance referrals, click here.

Which hospital is WIM affiliated with?

WIM is affiliated with Emerson Hospital which is located on Route 2 in Concord, MA.

What do nurse practitioners do at WIM?

Our nurse practitioners are registered nurses with master’s degrees and advanced training in diagnosis and treatment of episodic and chronic illnesses. Our NPs also do routine health screenings including annual physicals and Pap smears.

Which provider should I schedule my appointment with?

You can schedule your appointment with whichever provider you prefer. Same day sick visits are generally more available with one of our nurse practitioners.

Why does it sometimes take a long time to get an appointment for an annual visit?

We book 30-45 minutes for each annual physical exam so each provider can only do a certain number of annual exams per day. If you have specific health concerns, we’ll be happy to schedule an earlier appointment to address those issues.

What should I know about my insurance benefit for annual physicals?

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What if I need diagnostic testing?

The Emerson Health Center in Westford has full laboratory and xray services and both are available on a walk in basis. We also have ultrasound, CT scan, digital mammography and MRI. Our staff can schedule all needed exams here at the Emerson Health Center in Westford or at Emerson Hospital in Concord if that is more convenient for you. If an exam is needed on an urgent basis we will generally need to schedule at Emerson Hospital.

What if I need to be hospitalized?

We use the hospitalist program at Emerson Hospital. The hospitalists are physicians who are based at the hospital and provide care for all of the hospitalized patients. For more details and a list of the current hospitalists go to Emerson Hospital Hospitalists.

What if I have billing questions?

Our assistant office manager, Autumn Barbaro, can assist you. She can be reached at our main number 978-577-1914.

How do I pay balances with a credit card and what cards are accepted?

Please call Autumn Barbaro at 978-577-1914 to pay balances with a credit card. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Can WIM help me with invoices from Emerson Hospital?

No, we are a private practice and we do not generate or have access to Emerson billing. Please call the phone number on the invoice.